I am a Data Scientist with domain expertise in mechanical engineering, geophysics, climate change and tourism.

Former polar scientist turned data scientist with a strong analytical and numerical background which I developed during my PhD, where I worked on data analysis and developed numerical models from scratch.

I have a strong drive to learn and enjoy applying my knowledge to tough problems. My domain expertise ranges from environmental science to the automotive industry, tourism and e-commerce. During my PhD, I developed several models of processes related to the Greenland ice sheet and climate change. Before I even started studying environmental system sciences: physics I worked already more than 3 years as a mechanical engineer.

During my PhD I co-founded a guiding company in the northernmost town at 78 degrees north.

I speak German, English, Swedish and a bit of Norwegian, so you can contact me in any of these languages, but preferably in German or English.

For a complete CV check out linkedin.

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