Data Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

Used to describe the current state, and answers questions like: What has happened?

A typical example is an annual report or visualisation of data in excel or simple dashboards. Descriptive analytics is commonly used in every business mostly only on an ad hoc basis.

I can perform descriptive analytics on almost any kind of data, not just numbers in spreadsheets, but also for example: databases, images, geo-information data, sound, machine generated data, text and many more.

I can help your business with saving time, by automating reoccurring analytics tasks - see also automated reports.

Diagnostic Analytics

A step further goes diagnostic analytics which by answering questions in the form of: Why did it happen? What are the trends? What patterns are there?
This improves insight into business processes.

Diagnostic analytics are used less often and require more advanced techniques such as model fitting, data mining, statistics and machine learning.