How to make a cheap website in 2018

1 minute read

When I started this website I was looking for solutions which are cheap, open source and give me complete control over my site. I made my previous business site in Wordpress. Although, I liked it in the beginning I was more and more annoyed by the constant security issues and overall needles complexity for simple tasks.

Now I settled for Jekyll which builds static websites. This has the key advantage that its much simpler to host, which reduces running costs. In fact I only pay for the domain, everything else is free, and since this is a business site its also important that it is ad-free.

This site is hosted on Github pages which also allows custom domains. The cool thing with this solution is that you simply use git to publish your site. You start with local changes to your site and when you are satisfied you push it to your Github repository and Github does the rest. Jekyll even comes with its own web-server so you can view your site on your computer before going public.

Altogether, I only spend about 8$ per year for the domain, and the rest is free. For email I use the free version of zoho mail which supports IMAP and you can make your custom email addresses with your domain, like

Overall I am very satisfied with this solution, not only because it is so cheap but also because it is really flexible. Although, I have to admit that getting started is not as easy as with a Wordpress site.

If you are not afraid of a little more reading and setup work in the beginning I highly recommend a static site generator like Jekyll for your website project in 2018.