OutputExplorer: A Tool to explore simulation results

During my PhD I developed a tool to analyse the results of the ice sheet model SICOPOLIS. The tool uses the NetCDF standards and therefore can be applied to any NetCDF file, although some functionality is currently optimised for use with SICOPOLIS.

To use the viewer you need the free Wolfram player and download the Viewer.

Currently the code is not open, but if you are interested in the code of a NetCDF tool written in the Wolfram language (Mathematica) write me an email. If there is enough interest I am also willing to put in some extra work and clean up the code and take the project to Github.

Here is a screen recording of the tool: A screen recording of the tool

Some more screenshots:



1.) the free Wolfram player, which is available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

2.) The OutputExplorer