Mathematical Model: the dirty ice of Greenland

This was a project I was working on during my PhD, were I developed a mathematical model to study the effects of impurities on the Greenland ice sheet. Usually these kinds of specialised computer models have a very unrefined user interface, you might need to change several text files and ultimately run the model from the command line. While this is often sufficient, I went the extra mile and made a graphical user interface (GUI).

While developing the GUI takes time, it makes working with the model much more efficient and fun. Therefore, improving also the science, since its so much easier to quickly try out different setups.

GUI development in Mathematica is fast and flexible, thanks also to some automatisation I developed.

Whenever possible and beneficial I build a GUI, since it often helps to understand the data.

You can also benefit from intuitive interaction with powerful data driven apps which run on Windows , Linux , macOS and iOS .

ice sheet, model concept an example pic GUI

While the GUI was only for internal use it helped improving the science. If you want to know more about the science and the model you can download the peer-reviewed article for free at The Cryosphere, or read a mainstream media article in german: Spiegel online.