Workshp announcemnt: Streamlining Data-Driven - Collaborative Tools and Reproducible Techniques

Strengthen your skills: The IDea_Lab skills workshops offer members of the university of Graz the opportunity to deepen their know-how on AI, Big Data and data-driven research. The workshops are characterized by their focus on cutting-edge technology topics and their hands-on character.

This workshop will be held in English!

This workshop will focus on the challenges and solutions for collaboration and reproducibility in data-driven research projects. Key topics include addressing the hurdles of collaborative work, employing the Cookiecutter Science Template for standardized project structure, using Docker for consistent and reproducible development environments, and leveraging Git for version control, crucial in modern software and research projects. This combination of tools and practices aims to enhance the efficiency and quality of data research collaboration.

This workshop will be held over two days:

27.05.2024: 9am - 12pm
28.05.2024: 9am - 12pm


own laptop with installed requirements for the Cookiecutter package see for more info
knowledge in Python (optionally R or Julia


Thomas Goelles
Thomas Goelles
Scientist at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz and Virtual Vehicle Research

My research interests include glaciology, lidar, albedo and numerical modelling of ice sheet processes