We build custom data-driven apps for your organisation


We build apps that use methods of data science to solve your specific problem. The app connects all the necessary data in one place and provides an interactive user interface.

Our data apps have these benefits:

  • be proactive: make decisions that matter and be in control
  • make better decisions: based on up to date facts
  • save time: by automating repeated tasks and optimise your data workflow
  • be in control: follow and influence the development process with working prototypes
  • cross-platform with low additional costs: apps run on Windows, macOS and Linux

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  • Data Exploration
    Always the first step: data inventory and development of a strategy.
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  • Data Analytics
    Descriptive and diagnostic analytics.
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  • Automated Reports
    Always be in control with up to date reports of key aspects of your business.
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  • Mathematical Models
    Make experiments or predictions with interactive models which are intuitive to use.
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A tool to find “slow sellers” in their web-shops, including one of the biggest web-shop for sports equipment in Scandinavia.